• Message from the Artist

    Pride Fine Art presents a newly updated website. We have summarized visual and biographical information to best introduce you to the artwork and current artistic approach.

    A selection of paintings representative of work that recently sold for Commercial and Residential installations are presented. I have been fortunate to work with fine art collectors in the United States, with a burgeoning international interest in current works. Solo and group exhibitions are listed, along with a number of art projects of which I am glad to have been a part. Highlights of press and media and the artist's bio are included for your review.

    The art studio for Pride Fine Art is now located in New York, New York. The office is at work full time to serve clients and galleries. Work is shipped directly from this location throughout the US and abroad. Let us know how we may be of service to you in your pursuit of quality fine art.

    It is my hope that you will find this artwork filled with passion, executed with skill, and always forthright.

    Many thanks,
    Pride Winkenwerder

  • Biography

    Pride Winkenwerder is a formally trained contemporary artist with a lifelong pursuit of excellence in creative artistic expression. The artist received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from The University of Georgia, followed by a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. She is an alumna of the prestigious Cortona Art Program in Tuscany, Italy. As a Ronald Reagan Presidential Appointee, she served The United States Treasury as The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Management. She served as a Vice President of Global Services for The Trammell Crow Company in Washington, DC. Prior work experience also includes commercial real estate, serving on several Boards of Directors within the manufacturing industries.

    Pride Fine Art Gallery

    Her current work is in oil, large in scale, and painted on fine quality canvas. Today her work is a part of many private and commercial collections within the U.S. and abroad. In addition to solo exhibitions in cities in the United States, the artist has participated in national and regional shows that were juried and non-juried group exhibitions. She has been recognized in television, magazines and print media. Pride Winkenwerder was recently interviewed by national television media ABC News when named to the elite group of "Outstanding Women In the Workforce." Her work with "Hero Miles" has been recognized by local media, and honored by the United States Military. For her innovation and successful program Pride Winkenwerder received the highest civilian award possible for "Outstanding Public Service" by the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. She has produced a book cover design, and has licensed work for a major Hollywood feature film by John Wells, The Company Men starring Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, and Kevin Costner. In addition to artistic work in the commercial studio, the artist shows her work with galleries in the United States, consults with clients on art collection topics, and participates in speaking engagements. Client work and gallery consultations can be arranged by appointment.

  • Credentials

    Education Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1977
    Department of Art
    University of Georgia
    Athens, Georgia

    Cortona, Italy Art Program, 1975
    Study Abroad Program
    University of Georgia Cortona, Italy

    Masters in Business Administration, 1986
    Graduate Teaching Assistant
    The Wharton School
    University of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Mentored Studio Works Studio of Artist Sandi Grow, 1992-1998
    North Highland Studio
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Marlene Oliver/Carmella Yager, 1999-2000
    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Private Studio Works New York, New York, 2014-present
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2013-2014
    Alexandria, Virginia, 2006-2013
    Arlington, Virginia, 2002-2006
    Wellesley, Massachusetts, 1998-2002
    Atlanta, Georgia, 1990-1998

  • Artistic Approach

    Painting To begin a new painting is a rewarding process. Starting a new painting begins with study and planning, with a clear objective for the work. The work is done carefully and deliberately, from the origin of the concept to execution.

    Productivity In the studio, I generally work on a number of active paintings every year. Each painting is in a different state of completion, varying size and subject. Working with multiple canvases allows me to continue work between critical drying stages. It also preserves a fresh approach to each painting at every painting session.

    Creativity Fine art is not only the skilled rendering and composition of a work of art, but the underlying interpretive idea driving the execution of the work. Though elusive to describe with words, "creativity" can be experienced visually in a painting.

    Not only does an artist rely upon technical skill and training to successfully execute their work, they also rely in equal measure upon insight and interpretation of the subject. How well an artist understands their subject, and how well they communicate their point of view about the subject, are critical to the overall success of a piece.

    Subjects I generally work with a group of paintings, grouped in a "series." Centered upon a core idea or theme. My subjects are chosen carefully. Each individual work explores and further defines the central theme. Together the images form a collective whole, and individually they speak to unique qualities of the core idea.

    Colorbrushes Color is at the heart of this work. Though I work in varying palettes, my work is known for its vibrant use of color. Exploring the use of color is one of my main objectives in every project.

    Size My canvases are sized for both Commercial and Residential placements. I prefer to work large, as this seems most expressive. The size of my canvases is often dictated by the content of the work, and the methodology used in creating the work.

    Inspiration I am constantly inspired by new ideas for the next series. I prepare well in advance for all future paintings. The initial idea is developed and explored, with focus on expression.

    Passion I was fortunate to begin art training as a young person, with exposure to a highly creative studio environment at an early age. It was this early creative opportunity that has remained with me throughout all subsequent formal art training. I've never had a day in the studio that was not a good one!

    Process My creative art process begins with research, thought, writing, drawing, scale and planning. Complex ideas become clear, goals become defined. My painting work at the canvas begins objectives that have been explored and refined.

    Goals My overall goal is to continue to work in the studio, developing new works, continuing to learn, to explore and to express. Working with informed clients and galleries who share an interest in fine art is a joy. Color, light, composition, subject and creative content, all present unending opportunities for learning.

  • Painting Process

    The painting process begins with a point of view. A central idea is presented in the work by means of visual expression.

    Often a series of paintings revolve around one central theme, with each painting expressing a unique aspect of that theme.

    The foundation of the painting process is then begun with a series of drawings, research, writing and paint sketches. The artist works primarily in oil on large canvases.

    To the artist, the authenticity of "content" is of great importantance. A painting should always depict a a fully authentic viewpoint. A viewer can see the truth. The artist is compelled to express ideas in a visual direct way.

    The time to create a new oil painting is dictated by the size, scale and complexity of subject matter of the work. Several canvasses are being developed at any given time, each in varying stages of completion. The painting process for each work, unique and original fine art.

  • Studio

    The new Pittsburgh location for Pride Fine Art is a vibrant studio filled with light and activity. It is a joy to work in such space. The East Liberty location is a central one for many in Pittsburgh, and an area of high energy and new growth. New business developments such as Google, Whole Foods, and Target are buzzing all around us.

    When scheduling a visit to Pride Fine Art, consult our "Contact" page for further directions and information. We are happy to schedule client visits by appointment.

    You will find high quality fine art in a fresh new space when you arrive!